We understand construction.

Our team has undertaken extensive work across all facets of the construction industry. We appreciate the nuances of construction, we understand the language and we have seen first-hand the difficulties associated with long term contracts.

Our cash flow management approach and three-way financial forecasting for construction businesses is second to none. We incorporate cash retentions (practical completion and defect period), we factor in bank guarantees on total lending capacity, we work directly with project managers to prepare monthly cash flow forecasts for individual projects, we assist procurement teams to understand the cash flow impact of their purchasing habits and we work with estimators to understand the cash flow cycle of projects they tender before they win the project.


Suggested Services

There is no more volatile and unpredictable industry than construction. We ensure that our clients in this industry have the best information at hand to assist them manage their business.

We are able to assist with the following services for construction clients:

  • Implementation of 13-week rolling cash flow forecast to improve cash management
  • Developing cash flow forecasts for each project so that the working capital requirements is understood
  • Analysis to identify which projects are profitable
  • Implementation of improved systems and processed
  • Tax planning to ensure that progress claims made in May and June don’t create an artificial profit that results in tax bills

If you’re in the construction industry and need help to better manage your cash flow, minimise your tax or more accurately report your monthly performance, please contact us.