In a competitive environment, manufacturing success requires constant innovation and improvement to ensure that costs are controlled and processes are optimised.

Our team has worked for many years with manufacturing clients to assist them with financial diagnostic and analysis of their operations. We are able to develop systems and procedures together with reporting and benchmarking to ensure that manufacturing businesses are producing optimal results, all the time. We maximise profits.

We have experience with businesses engaged in local manufacturing via assembly lines and robotic factories, commercial food preparation businesses, those with interstate operations and large freight exposure, businesses who manufacture offshore and vertically integrated operations.

Suggested Services

We help our clients with specialist manufacturing services including:

  • Activity Based Costing to determine the true cost of manufacturing each product
  • Standard Costing systems to ensure that appropriate standard costs are used which take into consideration the overheads of the business
  • Breakeven and departmental analysis
  • Margin analysis and identification of critical success factors

If you operate a manufacturing business and need assistance to improve your profitability, please contact us.