We are a professional services business and understand this industry.

Elevate assists a broad spectrum of businesses in the professional service industry including engineers, lawyers, medical practitioners, architects, consultants and real estate agents.

Our experience confirms that some of the key considerations for businesses in the service industry include management of variable overheads (wages, procurement, marketing) and effective pricing to ensure customer demand is maximised. We are able to assist by analysing the core operations of businesses in the service industry to ensure that they are maximising their returns from both their overhead structure and also their fixed assets.

Another critical item to consider when discussing businesses in the service industry is to address the needs of the business owners. Key considerations for business owners include effective structuring, risk management, tax planning and succession. We are able to develop specific strategies to help the business owners, rather then only focusing on the business itself.

Suggested Services

We help professional services businesses by:

  • Developing budgets and forecasting models based on productivity requirements for employees
  • Establishing suitable business structures to minimise tax, protect assets and provide for flexible succession
  • Managing cash flow and accurately forecasting future tax payments
  • Outsourcing back office accounting requirements to enable the business owner to focus on providing revenue generating services to their customers

If you operate in a professional service industry and would like to discuss how we can help to improve your business, please contact us.