Elevate helps our retail and wholesale clients to take control of their financial affairs so that they better understand their performance, maximise their profit and control their inventory.

Working capital is critical for our retail and wholesale clients. The need to maintain large stock holdings and the associated costs often mean that the whilst the profit might be strong, the cash flow isn’t. We help our clients to design and implement inventory management systems using cloud accounting solutions. This provides better line of sight of inventory and ensures that surplus cash flow isn’t unnecessarily locked up.

We are able to help our clients benchmark their operations and monitor departmental performance or different locations. This ensures that business owners can identify poorly performing (and high performing) business units.

Suggested Services

We help our retail clients with services including:

  • Identifying and implementing inventory management systems and cloud accounting solutions
  • Developing costing models to ensure that secondary costs are included in the cost of inventory units, for accurate gross profit reporting
  • Benchmarking for multi-site or multi-department businesses
  • Tax planning to minimise year-end tax liabilities.

If you operate in the retail or wholesale industries and would like to discuss how we can increase the internal reporting and profitability within your business, please contact us.