Elevate provide a full accounting and tax service offering to our clients. We are Chartered Accountants, Registered Tax Agents and Chartered Tax Advisors.


Our philosophy with managing tax is that there are two forms of tax advisors; those that focus on the past and simply lodge tax returns, or those that look to the future and identify ways that businesses and business owners can legitimately minimise and reduce their tax. We are the latter.

We require that all Elevate clients undertake an annual tax planning exercise (before the end of the financial year) so that we can estimate the tax outcome for the financial year and develop strategies to reduce the estimated tax position. Likewise, we ensure clients undertake effective planning before any specific transactions (such as selling investments or businesses) to ensure that the sale of those investments is structured in a tax effective manner.

We can assist with:

  • Preparation of income tax returns, fringe benefits tax returns and all business activity statements
  • Advice on establishing business structures and entities
  • Tax advice on income tax, GST, employee taxes (PAYG, SGC, Payroll Tax) and capital gains tax

We manage all aspects of our clients’ tax affairs. If you would like our assistance to simplify and reduce your tax, please contact us.

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Elevate assists businesses of all sizes to prepare year-end financial statements and produce management accounts throughout the year.

Rather than preparing year-end financial statements well after the end of the year, we prefer to review the monthly or quarterly results of our business clients and make any necessary changes in their accounting system in real time. By doing so, come 30 June, the accounts maintained by our clients are extremely accurate. We then finalise any necessary changes directly in our client’s accounting system and the financial statements are complete.

This approach ensures our clients have access to up to date information regarding their business performance and we don’t incur ‘wasted’ costs of having to export client data into our accounting software and then make changes. We believe that the accounting records of our clients should be the ‘one source of truth’ and inevitably we can pass these cost savings on to our clients.

If you would like to discuss how we can help with your financial statements, please contact us.