Elevate has a proven track record of successfully managing ATO debts and negotiating payment arrangements where others have failed.

ATO Debt Negotiation

Elevate has significant experience in assisting our clients with managing ATO debts. We approach these negotiations in a similar manner to raising finance from a bank, we work with our clients to prepare comprehensive cash flow forecasts and provide clear evidence to the ATO on the level of repayments that the business can sustain. We are strong communicators and assist the ATO to understand why the arrears debt has arisen and what steps are being taken to ensure that it is repaid within the terms of the proposed payment arrangement.

We often find that businesses prematurely accept repayment arrangements with the ATO that they may not have the capacity to repay, this only makes the situation worse if the repayment arrangement defaults.

If you have an outstanding ATO debt, or have incurred general interest charges which you would like us to attempt to reduce, please contact us.

Outstanding ATO Lodgements

Elevate assists businesses to bring outstanding ATO lodgements up to date.

Upon accepting any new client, we conduct a free analysis of the ATO lodgement history and compliance. This enables us to ascertain the exact position with the ATO. If any outstanding lodgements exist, we will assist our clients to develop a plan to bring these lodgements up to date.

It is imperative for business owners to understand the risk associated with outstanding ATO lodgements and debts. It is common for the ATO to charge late lodgement penalties and interest on overdue amounts, however in certain instances the ATO will make Company Directors personally liable for outstanding PAYG Withholding. We seek to ensure that our clients do not pay late lodgement fees and that they are not held personally liable for business debts.

If you are uncertain of the status of your ATO lodgements, or if you don’t know where to start in getting them up to date, contact us for help.