At Elevate, our expertise is in working with small to medium sized businesses that require expert accounting and strategic advice as they don’t have the internal capabilities to support their requirements.


The value that a CFO adds to any business is the ability to look to the future and to ensure that the business is financially prepared for the road ahead. The CFO analyses financial data and ensures that the business is financially positioned to achieve the future strategy developed by the business owner.

We believe that all businesses require certain aspects that a high performing CFO provides, however many businesses don’t have the need for a part-time or full-time employee in this role. We can solve this problem. We provide customised CFO solutions to our clients to enable them to access the high level skills that a CFO provides, without the need to hire a permanent resource.

If your business lacks the internal financial firepower needed to help you succeed, please contact us to see whether we can fill the void.

Working Capital Management

We are experts at managing cash flow.

At Elevate, we assist our clients in managing the working capital requirements of their business. We help our clients to understand their working capital cycle and we educate them on strategies to manage and improve their cash flow. All businesses have an opportunity to improve their cash position by closely managing their working capital.

We recommend the use of rolling 13-week cash flow forecasts for short-term cash flow management and 12-month three-way forecasts for long-term cash flow planning. We are able to design and implement these systems for our clients when we provide them CFO solutions.

If you would like to better manage your cash flow and develop systems to determine, well in advance, when you will experience a cash flow issue, please don’t hesitate to contact us.