“Strategy is about being different, it means deliberately choosing a different set of activities to deliver a unique mix of value”

Michael Porter, 1996.

Strategic Planning

At Elevate, we have encountered many external consultants who prepare a cliché strategic plan, they focus on wordsmithing a vision statement and creating a 100-page document which ‘ends up in the bottom drawer’ and adds no value. Our process is different.

We have extensive experience in assisting businesses to identify and develop strategic plans. Our strategic plans encapsulate the current position of a business, its future aspirations and direction, followed by the steps and actions required to achieve its goals. When considering a strategic plan we focus on matters such as competitive advantage, customer / markets, products / services and the critical issues present in the business. We are experts in the strategic planning facilitation process and work with our clients to develop the plan – after all they are experts in their industry, and this is their plan.

We ensure that our strategy sessions culminate in the preparation of a concise strategic plan which has action plans to outline what activities are required to be undertaken, by who and by when. Our plans are action-orientated rather than being overly academic and have real use to help business owners achieve their goals.

To ensure that we can meet the needs of our clients, we are able to tailor our strategic planning program to deliver the required results. We can prepare one page strategic plans or multilayered documents. These can be prepared in one to two whole day planning sessions, or two to four half day sessions.

Business Planning

‘Business planning’ is the term we use to describe the operational functions of a business. When preparing a business plan, we take into consideration matters such as human resources, marketing, premises, equipment, processes, operations, finance, legal and insurance.

We challenge the status quo and ensure that the business has sufficient operational support to deliver on its strategy. In many instances, the current operations of a business will not be sufficient to enable the business to grow and achieve its strategy, or alternatively the operations are sufficient, however the business may be being held back due to poor execution. We seek to identify and address these matters.

In preparing for business planning sessions, we conduct a detailed review of our client’s business and examine all of the relevant operational areas. This ensures that we are suitably prepared when the planning sessions are undertaken.

We have been requested on many occasions to review only select operational functions and we also assist to facilitate implementation meetings to ensure that the agreed changes are being undertaken effectively.

Every Plan is Different

We have prepared a significant number of Strategic & Business Plans and the one thing which is consistent, is that no two plans are the same. If you are contemplating having Elevate assist you to prepare a Strategic and/or Business Plan, please contact us so that we can discuss the various options available.

We will then develop a bespoke planning project to suit your needs and provide you a customised proposal.