Elevate helps businesses in good times and bad.


Managing Cash Flow Shortages

Many businesses encounter periods of cash flow difficulty – for some it’s temporary and for others it’s more serious. We have significant experience in working with businesses that are suffering from cash flow shortages and have a lack of working capital. These shortages either arise from rapid business growth or when businesses are in financial distress.

Before developing a solution to solve the cash shortage, it’s imperative to understand why the situation has occurred. When we are asked to assist we firstly undertake a thorough assessment of the factors leading to the current situation. Often this is due to factors such as the business incurring prolonged trading losses, rapid growth, high debt loads and repayments, poor debtor collection, significant bad debts or excessive owner drawings.

Once the cause has been identified, we then work with the business owner to develop a plan to rectify the situation. This may include various internal and external activities such as arranging additional bank finance, seeking equity contributions, creditor negotiation, business restructuring and cash flow management initiatives.

If we can assist you with managing a cash flow or working capital shortage, please contact us immediately as time is critical.

Turnaround Management

Elevate are experienced in helping businesses grow. We are able to apply this expertise in assisting businesses who are facing difficult times.

We are often asked to not only help businesses identify the problem, but to help them over an extended period of time to trade through the difficult patches and recover. We take responsibility for working capital management, we activate our networks and contacts to assist, we formulate restructuring plans and help raise finance where available.

This is an extremely hands on process and our role is to help rehabilitate the business.

If you require expert assistance to help your business, please do not delay and contact us.